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Byala – The white by the Black sea

On the stunning Black Sea coast is located Byala - a small traditional Bulgarian town with 2.000 inhabitants.

Byala municipality consists of the small towns Popvich , Dyulino , Gospodinovo , Goritsa , Samotino ,  Byala is the administrative center .

The town enjoys an ideal location between Varna and Burgas international airport, with its crystal clear waters and its 6 km long beach with fine ground sand, Byala is the perfect place for a varied holiday experience.

Byala is a mix of a traditional working town and a tourist spot. Due to the thriving local wine industry, the town is prosperous as per Bulgarian standards. The locally produced white wine  " Dimyat " is highly recommended .

History and Culture

Byala was founded 300 years before Christ, and you can still find ruins of fortifications in the town, this is also where many Greek and Roman coins have been found. These findings are exhibited in Byala , and there are also many preserved treasures from ancient times for those interested in history , including " The White Rocks " .

In ancient times the town was known as a Hellenic colony named Aspro . Today there are remnants of ancient stone anchor at sea. The chalky white cliffs that surround the beach contains fossils, among other dinosaur remains. The white cliffs are also what have given its name to the town, Byala means white.

Byala's Location

The town is situated on the outskirts of the eastern Balkan Mountains in one of the most picturesque areas along the Black Sea coast, with a unique combination of views of both the mountains and the sea , not to mention a very good and healthy climate .


There are several beaches in the area, and some of them are still untouched and unknown to most. The north beach is famous for its white sand and its magnificent lagoons. The beach located in the center is the most popular because of its many restaurants and water sports attractions.

The beach to the south is the only port in the area, where you can moor your own boat, or even buy fresh fish from the local fishermen.  You can enjoy the fish caught during the day and served the same day in the local restaurants and enjoyed with a glass of ice cold white wine “Dimyat”.

Byala has a good infrastructure and is under constant development and expansion - and aims to be the most attractive destination for holidaymakers in the region.

Town of Obzor

Just 5 km from Byala the town of Obzor is located; it is a pleasant seaside town worth a visit during the day or evening. Obzor’s name means "unlimited view”. The town is a historical place, during the time of the founders it was called Heliopolis, meaning “city of the sun “. In time of the Romans it was called Jupiter`s temple. Beyond Athens it is the only known place that the founders and Romans worshiped the sun god.

In Obzor , with its 2.000 residents there is a peaceful rural charm atmosphere and the town is similar to traditional Byala , and a refreshing alternative to the more densely developed resort town of Sunny Beach and Golden Sands.

Bulgaria's own citizens have long traveled to Obzor on vacation, and in recent years several modern hotels have been built along the approximately 10 km long sandy beach. The city has the same charm as always with a picturesque square, boutiques, bakeries and a handful of genuine restaurants as well as some larger and elegant hotel restaurants. The town is beautifully situated on a slope towards a grassy plateau 65 meters above sea level.

Obzor Surroundings

Just like Byala, Obzor is also surrounded by beautiful countryside; vineyards, forests and farmland, and coastal strip between the two towns could well be described as the upcoming Bulgarian Riviera. The whole area is developing rapidly with water parks, horse riding, hunting, angling etc. - and the first golf courses popping up soon on this part of the coast. It is about 1 hour drive to golfmekkaet on the Balchik coast.



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