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Dimyat Wine

Bulgaria is known for good cheese, vegetarian food and soups. Famous dinners are lamb drop sama, stewed leg of mutton, wine kebab, rustic chicken stew, kavarma "strednogorie" and meat on a spit. Today's catch of fish served as a well prepared course in the local restaurants and this can conveniently be enjoyed with a glass of ice cold Dimyat. 

Bulgaria is one of the oldest wineries and is the second wine exporter after France. Annual production is 200-220 million liters. The best wines are produced from grapes of Merlot and Cabernet Sanvignon. The most famous is Gamsa, Mavrud, Melnik and Pamid. The production was state-owned until 1990, but is now largely privatized.

Byala has become wealthy by Bulgarian standards because of the local wine industry. The local white wine "Dimyat" is highly recommended. Both food and drinks are reasonable in Bulgaria. A three-course dinner with great drinks cost about €10,00



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