Nessebar Town

Beautiful and historic Nessebar is only approx. 40 minutes away. The mixture of buildings from ancient times, tourism and trade and the old town is a charming touch. Byala Panorama Resort arranges transportation back and forth for a good price.

Are you interested in history and architecture, or just want to experience a fishing village with ancient roots, we recommend you to take a trip to Nessebar. The old town has a 3000 year old history and was originally an island, but today its connected with the mainland, the newer part of Nessebar.


The Old Town offers a cultural experience for the visitors. Here you can see the remains and ruins of towers, walls, churches and other buildings dating from Greek architecture. Nessebar has many sights worth seeing, including the Church of Christ Pantocrator and the Church of St. John Aliturgetos . The location, the surroundings and the well-preserved monuments have put the city on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

Today Nessebar is a frequently visited tourist town with an idyllic atmosphere. Among the most distinctive buildings, you will also find small stalls with souvenirs and handmade decorations. Wander the streets and have a cup of coffee or other refreshments at one of the cafes with outdoor seating.

Swimming and sea activities

There are also several ports and some swimming possibilities in the old town where you can enjoy an ice cream in the sun.

Nessebar's coast offers several sea activities. You can enjoy diving lessons or join a boat trip and discover the old town from the sea. Take a break from touring the city and sit down at one of the fish restaurants along the harbor. Many of the shellfish and fish dishes are fish from the vicinity. Order a delicious meal while enjoying the sea from where the raw materials come from.



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