Town of Obzor

The town of Obzor is about. 10 minutes from Byala Panorama Resort. Obzor is a growing town which has local bakeries, restaurants, cafes and other forms of commerce.

In the streets you will find small market stalls and fruit markets. The mixture of locals and tourists creates a vibrant yet tranquil town atmosphere.

Obzor is a family friendly town where beach life, fine hotels and excellent restaurants are central. Downtown is home to many eating places. The restaurants offer everything from barbecue, pizza and pasta and various fish dishes, including sushi. Close by is Bedrock, an outdoor and stylish bar, inspired by "The Flintstones" At night it lights up with different colors and music.


At the bottom of the town is one of the coast's finest and longest beaches, a ten mile long sandy beach with rows of sun loungers and parasols. In season life in this area is dominated by ‚Äč‚Äčtourism. On the Obzor beaches you can stroll along the waterfront, try out different water activities, book a relaxing massage or just enjoy the sun.

Restaurants and Bars

Along the seafront are several restaurants and bars. On the beach itself you can find the Blue Bar, which offers fresh, cool fruit drinks. Just off the beach there is an idyllic park with flowers, a fountain, pavilions, playground and benches all around. Here you also have the opportunity to experience Obzor by means of a horse and carriage.



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