Frequently asked questions:

Time difference

 Bulgaria’s time is GMT+2 hours, so remember to set the clock when you get to Bulgaria.

Travel to Bulgaria

When travelling to The Byala Panorama Resort you have the options of flying to the international airports of Varna or Burgas. The Byala Panorama Resort is situated between these two airports at approximately 45 minutes by car. You also have the possibility of flying to Sofia the capital of Bulgaria and getting a connecting flight to Varna or Burgas.

Transportation to the Byala Panorama Resort

When booking accommodation in the Byala Panorama Resort, simply contact us and confirm that you want to be picked up at the airport. Choosing this option ensures you that a driver will be ready to pick you up.


The currency is called Leva and 1 Leva corresponds to approx. €0.50 / £0.40 the best exchange rates can be obtained if you take out money at the ATM's in Bulgaria.


The sun is strong in Bulgaria and it is recommended to use a high protection factor cream.

Doctor (hospital)

The nearest doctor can be found in Byala center located 1.5 km from us. We can assist in contacting a doctor if necessary.

Price levels

They are the most reasonable in Bulgaria. For example, one can eat dinner for 2 people for €10.00


It is customary to give tips in Bulgaria, when you are satisfied with the food and service you should give about a 5-10% tip.

Temperature regulation

It is a blessing to have air conditioning in Bulgaria. You may want to customize the usage, for example to have the air conditioning on for a limited time to avoid getting a chill. Therefore you may want to have the air conditioning on for an hour before you settle in and keep it turned off during the night.

Car Rental

If you want to travel a bit on your own during your stay, you can rent a car, all you have to do is contact the reception who will arrange for your car hire at a very reasonable price.



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